Featured Photographer: Destination NSW


I was born and raised in the Sutherland Shire, in southern Sydney. This stunning area is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches Sydney has to offer, which combined with the local flora and fauna makes an environment perfect for photography.

Throughout my childhood and into my school life I was always artistic and loved creating drawings and paintings, eventually studying graphic design after leaving high school. Growing up I always had a camera nearby and had an interest in photography, however it wasn’t until my discovery of long exposure photography in January 2015 that I finally purchased my first entry level DSLR.

My interest in Landscape photography took me to Cronulla beach for sunrise and sunsets, which then led to 4am wake up calls to drive Wollongong, Eastern Suburbs and then eventually as far as Blue Mountains, Newcastle and Jervis Bay. It didn’t take long for my interest to become my passion and before I knew it, it was time to upgrade my camera. It also didn’t take me long to look back fondly on the 4am wake up calls with 2am or 3am becoming a normal hour to wake up and explore new and exciting locations.

The way a photograph can show an emotion or give you an emotional connection is what I love about photography. Whether it is seeing colours you never knew existed in a sunrise or how an incoming storm can look so eerily calm, photography allows me to capture moments in time, that tell a story without saying a word.

I have been lucky enough to have travelled to some incredible places since my photography journey began, including New Zealand, Europe, Tasmania and Iceland. I have also entered the journey to motherhood, and am now a mother to two amazing boys. While I may not get out as often, I still make an effort to capture and share as many memorable moments as I can!

I’m extremely grateful with the support I have received so far. I am looking forward to the future, and exploring the endless possibilities that photography has to offer.